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The Kushog Lake Property Owners Associaiton is a community organization whose mission is to promote, amongst all Kushog Lake waterfront property owners and all those who use the lake, the conservation and preservation of our natural lake environment and its surrounding area for the enjoyment of our community now and for generations to come, and to address common lake interests that unite us.

KLPOA has been around for over 30 years, and has a long history of working for our community. Much of our focus is on environmental issues, with the aim of maintaining or improving our natural environment and the overall quality of life on our lake.

Expert Recommendations on Shoreline Vegetation

Use this tool to find out what shoreline vegetation is best for your shoreline, based on soil type, sunlight, moisture, location and other options. Click here.


Saturday, August 4TH, 2018
11:00 - 3:00 Rain or Shine

Water Races start at 11:00 followed by land races. The favourite of everyone, the tug of war, both kids and adults, will be held at the end of the land races.

Bring your loonies and toonies for our famous Back Bacon on a Bun, hot dogs and drinks.

Bring items like games, CD's, DVD's and books for our Swap Table.

Tammy from Kushog Lake Marina will be there selling Kushog Lake merchandise.

The now famous draw for merchandise and gift cards from local merchants and restaurants will take place after the races.

Membership and Photo Contest applications will be available.
Come and join the fun and make some happy family memories.

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