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As of the end of December, 2016 the water level in Kushog Lake sat at the average for that time of year. - See water level graph for 2016 under Water Level Fluctuation History (click here).

CEWF has been monitoring reservoir and flow-through lake water levels and regional precipitation amounts closely throughout 2016. We also maintain regular communication with the TSW water management staff.

The logs in reservoir dams were set for winter by October first, and water levels declined normally in early October. The period from mid-October to November 28th saw drought conditions return and since there was very little rain, river flows and water levels on many lakes continued to decline well below normal seasonal levels. More than 30mm of rain fell in the last three days of November and that allowed water levels to stabilize or rise closer to normal levels on most of the reservoirs. At the time of freeze up the entire basin remained very dry as a result of the extreme drought conditions which persisted for most of the summer and fall.

As of December 16th we had already received more than the normal monthly precipitation for December as measured at Haliburton. The long range forecast is for a “colder than normal” winter and conditions are right for significant lake effect snowfall over the Haliburton Sector area. From a water management perspective this is positive news for the spring as the accumulated snow will not only assist the reservoirs to fill in spring, but will also help with soil moisture and groundwater replenishment throughout the basin.

However, this forecast for a cold winter may also result in further declines in water levels in the reservoirs as we experienced in the cold winter of 2014.

Water Level Update - December 31, 2016