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May 13: John Fox reported that the  loons are coming every day to check out the nesting platform but they haven't laid their eggs yet- maybe soon.

May 21: John Fox reports that the loons left the nest Tuesday or Wednesday. This picture is Friday afternoon. Not sure what happened but there is a hole in the eggs.

Spring 2016 Kushog Lake Newsletter is hot off the press!

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Sat. June 11, 2016
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MTO is proposing to improve the condition and ride quality of Hwy 118 from Carnarvon to Haliburton, pending the results of Class EA study:
• Resurfacing throughout;
• Treatment of frost heaves and distortion areas;
• Culvert replacement;
• Drainage improvements as required; and
• Guide rail replacement/adjustment as required.

Hwy 118 Rehabilitation:

NEW Dock Permitting Process: 

Have You Ordered Your 'Love Your Lake' Report?

Each shoreline property owner on Kushog Lake should now have received a letter with your code and instructions for obtaining your private, personalized property report that includes:
·  An overview on the current state of your shoreline
·  Suggested, voluntary actions the you can take to enhance your shoreline and lake health to benefit future      generations and wildlife.
·  Resources for more information about shorelines, lake living, and property maintenance. 
                         Email if you did not receive a letter. Learn more...
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As a result of a court decision, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) will begin issuing Land Use Permits (LUPs), free of charge, for new, expanded and seasonal placement of docks and single-storey boathouses that occupy more than 15 square metres (shadow). Repair of existing structures and replacement structures (such as crib docks both above and below the waterline) will also require authorization if the structure occupies more than 15 square metres. In cases where construction includes works conducted on privately owned shore lands a work permit will also be required. Please refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry website for applications at

If you take your dock out you will need a permit each year to put the dock back in the water!

Let the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry know how you feel about this. Learn how...

Our Loons Have Left the Nest: