Protecting & Preserving Kushog Lake
Twp of Algonquin Highlands
Haliburton Ontario



The Kushog Lake Property Owners Association is a community based organization whose mission is to promote, amongst all Kushog Lake waterfront property owners and all those who use the lake, the conservation and preservation of our natural lake environment and its surrounding area for the enjoyment of our community now and for generations to come, and to address common lake interests that unite us.


All waterfront property owners on Kushog Lake are automatically members of KLPOA. Only members who have paid the $25 annual membership fee are eligible to vote.


Mail: Kushog Lake Property Owners Association, 1117 Graham's Lane, Algonquin Highlands, K0M 1J2

Find KLPOA on Facebook Group & Page for the latest news: Kushog Lake Property Owners Association 

To join KLPOA, download the membership form and mail it in to us with your cheque for $25. or
 make an Interac e-Transfer.

Download a copy of the 2014-15 Membership Form


The Kushog Lake Newsletter is usually published twice per year. One subscription is included with membership and is mailed to the home address of the about 500 property owners. Gift subscriptions are $5 each per year. Please call, write or email if you have suggestions, submissions, or would like to advertise or would like a .pdf copy.

To advertise in The Kushog Lake Newsletteremail info@kushoglake.org or call 
Norma Goodger (705) 489-2966.

Click here to download a copy of our latest newsletter
Kushog Lake 2014

Bowling Night - Saturday March 22, 2014   7:00 to 10:00 
Cancelled due to fire

Dog Sledding at the Haliburton Forest - Sunday February 23, 2014 morning                    

Sugar Camp Tour - Saturday March 29, 2014   2:00 pm. Subject to change.


The social committee is endeavoring to arrange several new events on and around the lake this coming year. The goal is to provide an opportunity for cottagers to meet their neighbours and have fun. We welcome your comments and ideas on additional activities we might all enjoy. Unless otherwise noted as being free or subsidized by the lake association, each activity is to be paid directly by the participant.

Bowling Night - Saturday March 22, 2014   7:00 to 10:00 Cancelled due to fire

At Carnarvon Bowl 489-4216. Come on out and enjoy: 5 pin bowling, billiards, foosball, arcade games, something for the whole family! LCBO licensed, order food off the menu (at cost); food special for children under 12 - hot dog/fries/pop for $4.50. Reservations not required, just show up. Door prizes.

• Event coordinator: Ron Bobbie 489-4837 rbobbie@sympatico.ca   

Dog Sledding at the Haliburton Forest - Sunday February 23, 2014 morning

Come on out and enjoy this national sport - 2 opportunities await you.

  1. Introduction including up to 2 hours sledding: $129 PP adult, youth 6-15 $60 PP
  2. Half day tour which includes the introduction: $199 PP adult, youth 6-15 $80 PP

Call to reserve your spot with the Haliburton Forest, 754-2198, tell them you are with Kushog Lake Association. They are holding 16 spots. These will be released to the general public Feb. 1, 2014. Call soon to reserve, find out the specific times and details. If we have 16 participants everyone will receive a 10% discount!

• Event coordinator: Jere Pike 489-4838 jerepike@interhop.net                       

Sugar Camp Tour - Saturday March 29, 2014   2:00 pm. Subject to change.

Did you know there is a modern maple sugar camp at 1093 Kushog Lake Road, south end, just off #118? If the season goes well, we hope to have a “sugaring off” party. Come out, meet Ron Reid and enjoy the aroma of brewing syrup, visit the forest, taste fresh sap. Ron will boil syrup down to almost taffy and pour on snow to harden and eat.    

This date could change depending on the season, so check with your event coordinator for last minute updates. Reservations not necessary but preferred.

• Event coordinator: Ron Bobbie 489-4837 rbobbie@sympatico.ca


The committee is working on a number of events for next summer in addition to our AGM, the picnic and the golf tournament. Let the committee know if you have suggestions of your own, and if you’d like to participate and/or help with the organization of events. Let’s all join together to enjoy our lake!

"Life on Kushog Lake" Photo Contest

Categories: • Fun at the Lake • Nature & Wildlife • Pets at the Lake • Kids - photos taken by kids

To Enter: eMail your high-res photos to info@kushoglake.org        Deadline: August 31st

Winners will be announced in the Fall newsletter.                         Prizes provided by Kushog Marina Inc.

Photo Contest Rules & Regulations
• Family must be a paid-up member of KLPOA to enter
• Entrants must name each photo and assign a category
• Limit of 3 submissions per category
• Photos must be high resolution and submitted by email
• By entering this contest you are agreeing to the following rules

ELIGIBILITY: Contest is open to members of the Kushog Lake Property Owners Association. Entrants 15 years of age or younger must have consent from their parent or legal guardian to enter this contest. In the event it is discovered that you entered without consent from your parent or legal guardian, all entries will be void.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS:  You must have taken the Photo that you submit for the contest. The submitted Photo must never have been previously published, exhibited publicly, or selected as a winner in any other contest and only amateur photographers are eligible (defined as a person who has never earned more than $1,000 in any year for photography). Photos must be taken on Kushog Lake or property connected to the lake.  Entries not complying with these contest rules will be disqualified. Each Photo can be entered in one category only; entrants can enter up to three photos per category.

WINNER SELECTION By accepting a prize, winner agrees that their Photo becomes the property of KLPOA. Winner grants KLPOA the right in perpetuity to publish and use winner’s Photo, as is or as may be edited in KLPOA’s sole discretion, accompanied by winner’s full name and city of residence in any advertising and promotion by KLPOA without further compensation, including but not limited to KLPOA’s newsletters and website.

Ideas for Kushog Lake Stories

Do You Have Stories to Tell?

As 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of KLPOA we’re putting together a “Memories of Kushog” anthology. It’s astounding that about 25% of the privately owned properties on the lake are still in the families of the original cottagers. That’s a lot of memories!.

We passed the idea of a Kushog memories book by Doug Armstrong whose cottage has been in his family since WWII and he did it. Using the internet, Doug’s whole family was able to get involved. Doug’s comment was “It was a good exercise for us to go through regardless of whether it gets used for anything! Just wish we'd thought of it when Bill was still around and John Sr. [was] younger.” 

The nature of the collection will depend on your responses; it could be a mix of stories old and new, history and folklore, people and places, business and camps - you decide!

There must be many interesting stories about the early years on Kushog out there and we’d like to preserve them even if you aren’t a member.

If we don’t put out a book, we’d love to have your stories to print in the newsletter and to preserve for posterity.

Please submit your memories by 28 February 2014.

Click on the image at right to download a list of IDEAS for KUSHOG LAKE STORIES to get you started.

Stay Safe this Winter

Do You know ?

  • How thick the ice needs to be for snowmobiling – see guideline below from Canadian Red Cross
  • Nine out of ten snowmobiling fatalities occur after dark
  • Alcohol is involved in over 70% of snowmobiling fatalities

The OPP is asking snowmobilers to always exercise caution and to travel at speeds which take into consideration not only their ability as an operator, but also the conditions of the trails they are travelling upon. With the fluctuation in temperatures this year, some trails have become very icy and difficult to navigate.

The following safety tips are strongly recommended by the OPP:

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Only travel on trails which are groomed and posted as “open”.
  • When travelling on frozen water surfaces make sure that the ice is strong enough to support you and your snowmobile.
  • Watch out for open water around docks and shorelines that may be caused by operating bubblers.
  • Be cognizant that lower water levels have caused normally submerged hazards such as rocks to now be exposed.
  • Be aware that areas where there has been blowing and drifting snow obstructions such as docks may be covered.
  • Travel only at posted speed limits – don’t speed.
  • Only operate snowmobiles that you are familiar with.

Practice Zero Alcohol: Alcohol is involved in over 70% of snowmobiling fatalities. Even small amounts of alcohol can impair your perception, slow your reaction time and limit your ability to control your sled at that critical moment when your life is in the balance. Operating your sled under the influence of alcohol is punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada. If convicted of driving a snowmobile while impaired, you will lose all driving privileges (car, truck, motorcycle, off-road vehicles and snowmobile). Therefore if you drink and ride both your driver's license and insurability are at risk.

Night Riding: Nine out of ten fatalities, occur after dark. Slow down, don't overdrive your headlights. Becoming disoriented or lost is much more likely at night. Wear outer clothing with reflective trim on the arms, back and helmet. Never ride alone at night. Always dress in your full snowmobiling outfit even if your intended destination is just next-door.

Wind Chill: Wind chill occurs when the temperature drops below the actual thermometer reading due to wind and/or the forward momentum of a fast moving sled. Wind chill exposes you to severe cold, which in turn can cause hypothermia. Wind-proof outer garments, extra layers and a balaclava will offer some protection, but keep your face shield down to prevent wind burn and to protect your skin and eyes. 

Ride Safe: Please follow the nationally approved snowmobile hand signals to ensure safety on the trails for everyone.

Please do your part and make safety part of your preparation and planning for any day on the trails. 

Did you know that ice thickness should be?

  • 15 cm (6 inches) for walking or skating alone
  • 20 cm (8 inches) for skating parties or games
  • 25 cm (10 inches) for snowmobiles.                          
Guidelines Provided by the Canadian Red Cross. Article provided by Coalition of Haliburton Lake Associations (CHA)


Kushog Lake Planning

The Kushog Lake Plan Summary June 2010 contains the most significant information from Kushog Lake: Past, Present & Future, which captures extensive details about the lake. The detailed document has sold out (over 175 copies) but you can download a copy of the summary, which contains 40 pages of information, maps and pictures. The summary with it's Action Plan was approved by the membership at the AGM in June 2010.

Lake planning is a process and so the production of a Kushog Lake Management Plan is only one large step in an on-going community effort to maintain and enhance the natural, social and physical environment that is the Kushog experience.

Download a copy of the Kushog Lake Plan Summary