The Kushog Lake Property Owners Association is a not-for-profit volunteer-based community organization whose mission is to encourage best practices and environmental stewardship through communication and education of property owners, to liaise with appropriate levels of government on behalf of the lake association members, and to unite us through common interests.

Mission Statement:

President, Newsletter, Database              Norma Goodger                          705-489-2966
Vice-President, Social Coordinator          Susan Harvey                               705-489-2657
Past-President                                                Wayne Black                                705-489-3534
Past Vice-President                                       Jere Pike                                        705-489-4838
Secretary                                                           Rob Rick                                        705-489-3730
Treasurer                                                           Ron Bobbie                                   705-489-4837                                 
Lake Steward                                                   Rita Moore                                    705-489-4455
Director                                                             Carol Puttock                               705-489-9938
Environmental Consultant                          Dagmar Boetcher                      705-457-59

Annual General Meeting

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Board of Directors:

Financial Statements:

The Kushog Lake Property Owners Association is committed to ensuring your privacy with regard to our mailing list, the use of social media, and Canada's anti-spam legistation.

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The Fine Print:

2022 AGM ZOOM Meeting: June 15th