Why You Should Join KLPOA?

You own property on Kushog Lake - you want to enjoy it now and preserve it for future generations.

KLPOA has been around for over 38 years, and has a long history of working for our community. Much of our focus is on environmental issues, with the aim of maintaining or improving our natural environment and the overall quality of life on our lake.

We are organized to support five different themes: Membership, Education, Lake Stewardship, Communication and Social Programs.

The following is a list of some of the things the Association has done for you over the years:

• Social events: our annual family picnic, maple syrup tasting, golf tournaments and others.

• Monitoring and advocating reasonable lake levels with the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW). This has included participating at public meetings and submitting written materials; in more recent years, we have supported the Coalition of Equitable Water Flow (CEWF), a group established to work with the TSW on a more equitable solution. We prepared a report titled "Preferred Water Levels on Kushog Lake" which was submitted by CEWF to TSW.

 • Establishing a positive working relationship with various government agencies and co- sponsoring various projects including development, water signage, etc.

 • Distributing a semi-annual newsletter focusing on environmental concerns and current issues affecting property owners, as well as recounting memories of past times on Kushog Lake, to all property owners on Kushog Lake, whether or not you pay.

• Researching and creating a Lake Plan which outlines quality of life, goals, objectives and action plans. From this we have implemented the recommendations of the lake plan including a wetlands and stream analysis, lake trout spawning and effects of pike on lake trout, presence of spiny water flea, ground truthing and benthic testing all of which are indicators of the health of our lake.

• Participating in the Love Your Lake Program: a shoreline evaluation of all properties on Kushog Lake, to determine overall lake health and provide individuals with confidential information on how to help preserve our water quality.

• Conducting an Annual General Meeting to provide members with up-to-date information regarding current issues, financial information and Board business.

We work with and support a number of other groups, including the Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF), The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA), and the Coalition of Haliburton Associations (CHA) and participate in various Stewardship workshops, as appropriate.