MTO is proposing to improve the condition and ride quality of Hwy 118 from Carnarvon to Haliburton, pending the results of Class EA study:
• Resurfacing throughout;
• Treatment of frost heaves and distortion areas;
• Culvert replacement;
• Drainage improvements as required; and
• Guide rail replacement/adjustment as required..
Around Kushog Lake

Ron Reid taps 1000 maple trees just off the Kushog Lake Road. Click here if you can't open video below.

The Kushog Lake Dam will undergo a rehabilitation. The project will include concrete repairs along the dam and the culvert passing beneath the roadway bridge. Further investigation is required to determine the full extent of work that is required. In addition, enhancements to public safety will be undertaken through the installation of such measures as improved guard rails, increased signage, safety booms and metal gain covers. At this time, there is no planned start date.

Hwy 118 Rehabilitation:

Maple Syrup on Kushog Lake:

Rehabilitation of Buckslide Dam: