• Drinking and atving don't mix
• Carry maps and emergency supplies
• Always wear your helmet and eye protection
• Let someone know where you're heading and never ride alone
• Always carry a pocket knife and water proof matches
• Take it easy. Life is fast enough. Enjoy the scenery
• Know your limitations and your atv's limitations
• Respect other trail users and always give way to non-motorized users
• Respect the laws in place to protect you from yourself & others

Trail Ride with minimum impact:

• Stay on the trails
• Minimize wheel spin
• Avoid roosting corners
• Avoid soft bottom rivers and streams
• Traverse water crossings slowly and at a 90 degree angle
• Always pack out what you pack in
• Stay off private land

The only official ATV trail with a trail head on Kushog Lake is the Pine Springs Road trail which runs west from Hwy #35 to Hwy #118 at the Black River Road. This is a Crown Land forest access road with many trails leading off the main artery. The beginning municipal section, leading from Hwy #35, is open by by-law under Highway Traffic Act 316 and is also used as a snowmobile trail in winter.

Accidents can and will happen. "Yahoo" riders damage the sustainability of our sport. Be considerate and travel safely. Treat other trail users as a friend regardless of how they treat you/

Ride Safely & With Respect