First Cottages on Kushog Lake
Logholm – Kushog South Basin

Lee Gauthier’s recollection is that the Logholm was built about 50 years before her father bought it in 1940 from a Scandinavian chap.

Lee thinks that it became the first ‘cottage’ on the south end of the lake when they bought it as a summer retreat where Lee’s father, Joachim Gauthier (an associate of the Group of Seven), painted.

Click here to read more about the Gauthier’s early days on Kushog Lake: "Picture This 1940 Kushog Lake" by Lee Gauthier.

Little Girl Bay – Lake Kashagawi

In 1933, the MacKay and Moore families purchased 1,300 feet of lakefront property at the north end of Kushog Lake from the Prentices, who had a farm on what became known as Little Girl Bay, for the sum of $650 or 50¢ a foot. At that time they gained access via the Bobcaygeon Road which meant that this part of Kushog (then Kashagawi) Lake developed before other parts of the lake and other lakes just to the south. There was no road to the property – that was put in 1948. Hydro came around 1953. Click here to read more about the Mackay Family Memories of Lake Kushog.

Little Girl Bay was named for Arlene Lowell (Recalla) who was a little girl when her parents Art and Leta Recalla bought and developed the property known as Poplar Heights Cottages in 1946.

In those days, the section of lake north of Ox Narrows was known as Kashagawi. The story is that following the road improvement work the signage was in poor shape and not very readable. As a result the new signs changed the name to Kushog.