Invasive Species

Whether you are boating, hiking, gardening or fishing in cottage country, you are an important part of the plan to prevent invasive species. 

KLPOA encourages you and your guests to keep unwanted invaders away. Please do your part by sharing this information with others. Go to CHA for more ilocal information.

Use Local Firewood

Never bring in firewood from another location, because it may be home to an invasive species that could cause irreparable harm. Buy your firewood locally and leave behind any you do not use. It’s never a good idea to transport firewood.

Keep Goldie in the fish bowl

Teach your children not to release aquarium plants and pets at the cottage or anywhere else. Goldfish are an invasive species!

Clean your gear

Before heading home from the cottage, be sure to clean all of your gear. Make sure your watercraft, trailers, bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, and boot bottoms are free of plant material and seed-spreading mud.

Groom your pet

Give your pet’s coat a good brushing to remove any seeds it might have picked up.

Keep your eyes peeled

Inspect your property and shoreline for any sign of invasion. To find our what species are threatening your area, visit

Report all invaders

Call the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711to report an invasive species sighting. Or download the EDDMapS Ontario app to report an invader on the spot.

Remove invaders responsibly

Visit and seach “invasive species fact sheets” find out how to remove problematic woodland and aquatic pests from your property.

Avoid Introducing Invasive Species While Ice Fishing:

Download a copy of the Cottager Action Plan on Invasive Species

Keep Invasive Species Out of Kushog Lake: