In 2005 the Board of Directors of the Kushog Lake Property Owners Association formed a committee to develop a Lake Management Plan (LMP) for Kushog Lake. The Kushog Lake Management Plan is intended to:
   • Record the history of the lake
   • Summarize life of KLPOA – both human and natural
   • Compile and organize past research
   • Take a snapshot of the lake today
   • Identify areas where further research is required
   • Imagine what our members want the lake to look like in the future
   • Recommend a series of actions that could help to ensure our vision

The Lake Management Plan, which was completed in 2011, recommends a series of actions that will ensure the long-term sustainability and healthy existence of our lake for future generations. These actions encompass the lakes’ health, beauty, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities as well as opportunities for residential and commercial development.

The Lake Management Plan is a living document that will continue to evolve over time as individual circumstances and issues occur and new information becomes available. It is the intent of the Association to review the document every five years to establish new direction to meet current issues.

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