Research on Kushog Lake

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2011 Heaven Wetland & Stream Analysis:
The desktop analysis iprovides KLPOA with wetland and stream baseline documentation, as well as provided direction to continue with its good stewardship.
2012 Ground Truthing Inflows  & Establishing Long-Term Monitoring Sites:
Report details the inflows on the western shore of Kushog Lake south of Ox Narrows. The streams were inventoried for water chemistry, hydraulic head, bank and stream bed characteristics, stream structure, surrounding vegetation and land-use.
2013 Sediment Contamination Analysis:
This study aimed to assess the sediment chemistry of Kushog Lake with the goal of informing KLPOA of lake health as well as to highlight potential sources of contamination and potential trajectories of various contaminant levels.
2013 Groundtruthing Inflows North of Ox Narrows:
This is phase two of a multi-year project to groundtruth inflows on Kushog Lake focusing this year on inflows north of Ox Narrows.
2013 Impact of Spiny Water Flea in Kushog Lake::
The objective of this project was to quantify the presence of the Spiny water Flea on Kushog Lake, and the extent to which it may be influencing lake trout populations.
2014 Assessing Lake Ecosystem Health through Sediment Coring:
Assessing the overall health of the Kushog Lake ecosystem with the use of sediment samples and zooplankton in the mid-winter months
2014 Identification and Inflow Analysis -Year 3 :
The third and final report in the ground trothing process. A total of sixteen inflows on the east side of Kushog Lake south of Ox Narrows were located and sampled for water chemistry and physical characteristics.
2015 Analyzing Water Quality Parameters to Assess Lake Health:
This report documents existing water quality data for Kushog Lake, looking for patterns that would suggest trends and issues, and recommends and prioritizes what water quality parameters that should be monitored.
2015 Kushog Lake Health Report:
The purpose of this project was to continue the benthic sampling (analysis of plankton communities) of past inflow sites and, establish and test open water sites. Water chemistry was analyzed using five water metrics of the Water Quality Index (WQI).
2015 Kushog Lake 10 Year Monitoring Plan:
The objective is to provide KLPOA with a framework for ensuring ongoing water quality monitoring and reporting. This report will be used by KLPOA to guide our lake health monitoring activities for the next decade..

Recent Research:

KLPOA is committed to analyzing and documenting the health of Kushog Lake.

Here are some of the research projects that we have conducted in the past few years. The files are too large to link here so if you'd like a copy, email