Kushog Lake Values & Members' Concerns:

Research on Kushog Lake

Fleming College Research on Kushog Lake 2015:

The purpose of the lake plan, Kushog Lake - Past, Present & Future, was to identify the important  natural, physical and social values and characteristics of Kushog Lake. 

Community input was acquired through a number of surveys and face-to-tace interviews. All research showed that there is a strong concensus with regard to the things that people value.

The top five values that are the most important to Kushog residents are:
• Water Quality
• Peace and Tranquility / Quiet
• Wildlife / Natural Environs / Beauty
• Good Neighbours / Friendly People
• Water Activities (Swimming / Boating)

From our surveys, members' top concerns and suggested actions are:
• Preserve Water Quality
• Do Something About Recreational Boating
• Liimit/Control Development
• Preserve/Restore Natural Shorelines
• Ensure Proper Septic Systems
Manage Water Levels
• Keep KLPOA active and strong and continue to lobby governments and educate shoreline residents

Go to the Lake Plan page to learn more about the Kushog Lake Management Plan. From there you can download a copy of the Executive Summary and Consulants Recommenations, and a copy of the Kushog Lake Plan Summary.

The Lake Management Plan, which was completed in 2011, recommends a series of actions that will ensure the long-term sustainability and healthy existence of our lake for future generations. These actions encompass the lakes’ health, beauty, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities as well as opportunities for residential and commercial development. Click here to learn more about recent research projects.

Recent Research Projects: