Snowmobile use has increased on the lake due to the presence of groomed trails, plowed roads, winterized cottages, and sophisticated technology. 

 Kushog Lake (North Basin) from just north of Constance Island hosts an official, staked trail to Trail 16 at Anson Lake Road and to the channel into St. Nora Lake. The west side of the South Basin of Kushog Lake is heavily travelled by snowmobiles throughout the winter months.

Ride Wise

• Stay on OFSC Trails: over 30,000km of marked, maintained and mapped trails.
• Take it Easy: every motorized activity carries a certain level of risk, so make smart choices and ride with care and control.
• Zero Tolerance: abstain from alcohol or drug use before or during any ride.
• Ride According to Conditions: snowmobiling is an off-road activity that occurs in a natural setting, so always be prepared for the unexpected.
• Know Before You Go: always check conditions before riding on ice, particularly when it may be weak due toabove normal temperatures.

 Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA)

​The Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) invites sledders to enjoy 370 km of excellent wide groomed trails with spectacular scenery.

Landowners are an important part of the trail system. Without them we would not have the variety of trails throughout the region and across Ontario. Thank you to all Landowners who allow the use of their property. When riding please respect our landowners and do not trespass on closed trails.

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