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The Kushog Lake Property Owners Association is a not-for-profit volunteer-based community organization whose mission is to encourage best practices and environmental stewardship through communication and education of property owners, to liaise with appropriate levels of government on behalf of the lake association members, and to unite us through common interests.

KLPOA was established in 1986 and has a long history of partnerships with government and educational agencies to promote best practices in environmental stewardship through water quality testing and analysis in order to monitor the changers in lake health and the influences on the lake environment.

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Environmental Management Scientists Visit the Lake

During the last weekend of September, a student team from the Environmental Management Program at Fleming College visited the lake for 4 days to complete water quality and benthic sampling for lab analysis. This work is part of our Ten-Year Water Quality Monitoring Program for Kushog Lake. The team consisted of Corey Bradley, Keara Kidd and Sean Avery. The team was conducting lake testing as part of a course called ‘Credit for Product’ in which the student teams are partnered with community groups to delivery environmental solutions, depending on the Project objective. The objective of the course is to team project management skills in the context of delivering an environmental based project.

Our student team completed water quality testing, will analyze the results and will deliver a water quality report at the end of the course in December, and we will report the testing results in our Spring 2022 Newsletter. Throughout the life of the project the Kushog Lake Property Owners Association representatives (Rita Moore, Dagmar Boettcher and Norma Goodger) provide mentoring support to the team. In exchange, we have the benefit of their resources to work on our lake testing without charge and under expert college supervision.

This year, Sara Kelly, the C4P Course delivery Professor at Fleming College and Barb Elliot, the Science Advisor and Professor at Fleming College Environmental Management Program, attended at the lake to review and provide guidance in the work of the team. We were pleased to have them join us and provide support to the team.

Due to limitation imposed by Covid Protocols in the learning environment in the past 18 months, the student teams and faculty have had to make a number of accommodations to continue to support the on-site learning environment for the students. The faculty and students have done a great job adapting to these accommodations.  While working at the lake, our team members were conscientious, used our equipment to its optimum and always kept an eye on quality sampling.

We have a long-standing relationship with Fleming College and their Environmental Management Program and have benefitted over the past 10 years from the guidance of their Professors, Lab Managers and Environmental Scientists.

After Barb and Sara, visited the project team on Kushog Lake, we received a very nice note from Sara Kelly. We want to share that note with you.

Can't thank you enough for providing such wonderful hospitality and mentorship to our, lodging, drink, camaraderie, water taxi service....the list goes on! We had a great time with all of you this afternoon and it was clear the students were also so enjoying the experience.

These projects that our students work on with all our partner organizations are such an incredible experience on so many levels....and of course are completely impossible without awesome mentors like you. Thank you for showing our students what stewardship in action looks like. It is truly inspiring and perhaps the most important lesson of all .....we all have a part to play in taking care of each other, building community, and caring for the places that mean something to us:)

with love and admiration



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